BABYMETAL indication of new hardcore genre?


Japan’s oddest super-girl band BABYMETAL is garnering a lot of attention from music fans and the media with more than 3.7 million views on YouTube of its Gimme Chocolate video and several articles in the press about the group’s growing phenomenon.  Is a trio of cutsy Japanese teens (Suzuka Nakamoto, 16; Moa Kikuchi Kawai, 14; and Yui Mizuno, 14) signing sugary sweet pop lyrics over surprisingly hardcore death metal a sign of Kawaii Metal coming of age, or are they just a novelty act that will be largely forgotten in the next few years?


Dom Lawson of The Guardian newspaper in the U.K. is unsure, but opines that “BABYMETAL are as demented and perverse a pop confection as anything in living memory, and yet the whole thing is delivered with such vitality and verve that resistance is effectively futile.”

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