EXIT ORDER: If you listen to only one demo, this should be it


Listen to the entire demo by clicking above. It’ll be the best 11 minutes you’ll spend today.

Few demos blow us away the way Exit Order’s initial public offering has done.  The Boston thrashers keep true to the old Combat Zone days of Beantown punk bands like Gang Green, Negative FX, and SSD with breakneck speed and vocals too raw and angry to be affected.  There isn’t a lot on the Web about Exit Order other than their names are Paul (drums), Ryan (guitar), Anna (vocals), and another guy named Ryan (bass), and  they occasionally play at the Boiler Room in Worcester, Mass.

Still, this is too good to pass up.  We have been listening to this demo several times a day since finding it on Bandcamp.com last month.  It seems like it won’t be too long before someone at a decent record label gives them a shot.  Until then, you can give them a shot by downloading the demo for any price you please.

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