Asymmetry and balance juxtapose nicely in “Monster” by Valise

Every once in a while I run into a band that appears to take two opposing designs and somehow makes it work. Valise is one of those bands. The Dallas-based indie group weaves together ethereal keyboards and with solid bass/guitar accompaniment against a backdrop of asymmetrical percussion, which is reminiscent of work by Danish indie rockers Mew.  “Monster” is available for download on iTunes.

Bring Me the Horizon headlining at House of Blues New Orleans Tonight

British metalcore band Bring Me the Horizon is headlining a three-band lineup tonight at House of Blues on 225 Decatur St. in New Orleans. Also on the bill will be Issues and letlive.

Doors: 05:00 PM
Show: 05:45 PM
$23.00 – General Admission – Advance*
$25.00 – General Admission Day of Show*
$60.00 – Balcony Seating*
Ages: all

Charli XCX covers Robert Palmer’s “Simply Irresistible”

British indie singer Charli XCX teams up with soul singer Janelle Monáe to create a bouncy, high-energy remake of the late Robert Palmer’s 1988 rocker “Simply Irresistible.”  Even though we’ve heard the song more times than was necessary during Palmer’s salad days, Charli XCX’s rendition is just manic enough to make it fun again.

Keep an eye out for this week’s Friday 5 Across the LIps when we explore five original songs with very imaginitive cover versions.

Tei Shi’s pleasant late-night psychotropic ride

I don’t know much about Tei Shi, which I found on Gorilla vs. Bear while randomly listening to posted songs, but I know I really like what she’s doing.  There’s very little about Brooklyn singer on the Web other than her rich, trippy electonica pop songs such as “Nevermind the End,” which puts me in mind of a tranquilizing moonlight ride through the snowy woods.  Nice way to spend a Friday night…

Kim & Thurston are divorced. It’s none of your business. Get over it.

Women’s issues blog Jezebel posted a rather inflammatory article about something that’s really no one’s business: the cause of divorce between Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore, both of the now-defunct iconic indie band Sonic Youth.  Since then, it has spawned many “Team Kim” and “Team Thurston” responses.

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I’m a part of “Team Get Over It.”  I love Sonic Youth’s music and am sad that my favorite band is no more, but that doesn’t mean I get a say in the private lives of the band members.  Instead, I’m going to celebrate the incredible legacy they as Sonic Youth left behind.