Premium pop in a post-pop world: Che-Val’s “My Beat”

People are likely to think I’m making this up, but there was a time when pop music was actually fun.  It was still mostly put together by studio wonks who were more interested in song writing by committee to reach key target demographics than it was about laboring over song and lyrics to create something as memorable as it was danceable, but they were less obvious about it.  We didn’t have to endure hackneyed shows like American Idol and The Voice where pop stars are stamped out like license plates on a prison press.  We were at least left with the illusion that some talented people got together on their own and crafted an upbeat track to our life’s soundtrack.

This may be the illusion created by Connecticut husband/wife pop duo Che-Val.  There is little about them on the Internet…no names, no bio…not much other than a few pictures and one complete and infectious song, “My Beat.”  Based on this song, the two appear to be fans of ’80s dance pop, complete with a campy video dripping with appears to be intentional irony that looks like it might have seen some rotation time on early MTV.  Regardless, it’s raucous fun that will stick with you like Aquanet to a magnificent mane of ’80s hair.  I hope we hear more from them.

You can find their Website here, Twitter here, and Soundcloud here.


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