The Devil’s Blood former guitarist Selim Lemouchi may (or may not) be dead

Brooklyn Vegan reports that Selim Lemouchi, former guitarist of the Dutch occult metal band The Devil’s Blood, might possibly have deceased based on cryptic Facebook posts from someone named Ghost and also on Lemouchi’s personal page.  Other than Brooklyn Vegan, I could only find two articles on Google News, but both were written in what I think is Dutch, so your guess is as good as mine (unless, of course, you speak Dutch).

Thurston Moore’s dalliance with black metal

With the possible exception of former Sonic Youth bandmate Lee Renaldo, no one does art-noise guitar better than Thurston Moore.  Moore learned at the feet of master Glenn Branca in the late ’70s and early ’80s, and Branca’s influence has lasted with Moore through three decades of the most original, brilliant, and influential no-wave.  He continues on with music somewhat similar to Sonic Youth in his new band Chelsea Light Moving, but takes a much darker, heavier turn as the guitarist/vocalist of black metal band Twilight.  What is at first blush an odd combination is actually a logical step for Moore’s grinding feedback-laden ax work.

While Twilight broke up several months ago, they are still moving forward with the March 18 release of III: Beneath Trident’s Tombwhich includes the track “Swarming Funeral Mass”: