EXIT ORDER: If you listen to only one demo, this should be it


Listen to the entire demo by clicking above. It’ll be the best 11 minutes you’ll spend today.

Few demos blow us away the way Exit Order’s initial public offering has done.  The Boston thrashers keep true to the old Combat Zone days of Beantown punk bands like Gang Green, Negative FX, and SSD with breakneck speed and vocals too raw and angry to be affected.  There isn’t a lot on the Web about Exit Order other than their names are Paul (drums), Ryan (guitar), Anna (vocals), and another guy named Ryan (bass), and  they occasionally play at the Boiler Room in Worcester, Mass.

Still, this is too good to pass up.  We have been listening to this demo several times a day since finding it on Bandcamp.com last month.  It seems like it won’t be too long before someone at a decent record label gives them a shot.  Until then, you can give them a shot by downloading the demo for any price you please.

BABYMETAL indication of new hardcore genre?


Japan’s oddest super-girl band BABYMETAL is garnering a lot of attention from music fans and the media with more than 3.7 million views on YouTube of its Gimme Chocolate video and several articles in the press about the group’s growing phenomenon.  Is a trio of cutsy Japanese teens (Suzuka Nakamoto, 16; Moa Kikuchi Kawai, 14; and Yui Mizuno, 14) signing sugary sweet pop lyrics over surprisingly hardcore death metal a sign of Kawaii Metal coming of age, or are they just a novelty act that will be largely forgotten in the next few years?


Dom Lawson of The Guardian newspaper in the U.K. is unsure, but opines that “BABYMETAL are as demented and perverse a pop confection as anything in living memory, and yet the whole thing is delivered with such vitality and verve that resistance is effectively futile.”

Thurston Moore’s dalliance with black metal

With the possible exception of former Sonic Youth bandmate Lee Renaldo, no one does art-noise guitar better than Thurston Moore.  Moore learned at the feet of master Glenn Branca in the late ’70s and early ’80s, and Branca’s influence has lasted with Moore through three decades of the most original, brilliant, and influential no-wave.  He continues on with music somewhat similar to Sonic Youth in his new band Chelsea Light Moving, but takes a much darker, heavier turn as the guitarist/vocalist of black metal band Twilight.  What is at first blush an odd combination is actually a logical step for Moore’s grinding feedback-laden ax work.

While Twilight broke up several months ago, they are still moving forward with the March 18 release of III: Beneath Trident’s Tombwhich includes the track “Swarming Funeral Mass”:

Reagan Youth announces four-date tour in Canada

Do you plan to find yourself in the frigid tundra of Canada and have a hankerin’ for old-time hardcore punk?


Reagan Youth announced its upcoming 4 Days In Canada Tour from May 15-18, 2014, in Ontario and Quebec.  If you can’t make it to Canada for those four shows but find yourself at a bus stop in Brooklyn, they are also playing one Pre-4 Days in Canada show at theRock Shop.

May 15 – This Ain’t Hollywood, Hamilton, Ontario
May 16 – the apk, London, Ontario
May 17 – Hard Luck Bar, Toronto, Ontario
May 18 – Pouzza Fest, Montreal, Quebec

I’ve seen two different posters with the May 16 and 17 venues reversed, so it’s unclear where you’ll find Reagan Youth on those days.  Just be prepared to race across the province in case you hit the wrong venue.  I’ll post more once they get their shit together.