Tei Shi’s pleasant late-night psychotropic ride

I don’t know much about Tei Shi, which I found on Gorilla vs. Bear while randomly listening to posted songs, but I know I really like what she’s doing.  There’s very little about Brooklyn singer on the Web other than her rich, trippy electonica pop songs such as “Nevermind the End,” which puts me in mind of a tranquilizing moonlight ride through the snowy woods.  Nice way to spend a Friday night…

Foxygen’s “Shuggie” an off-balance blend of ’60s psychedelia with modern design

Foxygen, the duo of Sam France and Jonathan Rado of Los Angeles, offer up a taste of ‘60s mod with ’10s modern design with “Shuggie,” from their 2013 release We Are The 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace and Magic.  Barely in their 20s, it’s likely France and Rado drew their influences drew from their grandparents’ record collections than their parents’ CDs.  “Shuggie” could easily fit within the constructs of a Cowsills performance of Hair with its trippy melodies, sudden tempo changes, and carefree joy that would bring Austin Powers out of the wood paneling.