Will Gorillaz ever make a new album?

I’ve been a Gorillaz fan since I first heard them so many years ago.  And, as such, it kinda distresses me that Damon Albarn hasn’t come up with anything new with MurdocNoodle,2D, and Russel.  Albarn, also a member of the band Blur, is currently on tour to promote his solo album Everyday Robots (with very cool visuals).  Despite going on the road solo, he has also been playing Gorillaz songs during sets.

“Apart from the visuals, I am Gorillaz,” Albarn told Rolling Stone magazine on February 24.  Hard to argue that logic especially since the public side of the band are an odd assortment of stark comic book characters created in 1998 by Albarn and cartoonist Jamie Hewlett.  Since then, some 16 musicians and visual artists have been Gorillaz:


A little bit of blur (pun intended), but you get the picture of how many have been in the band

“What makes Gorillaz?” Albarn continues in his Rolling Stone interview. “We always have different musicians when we play live. The only constant thing, I suppose, is myself. And I’m still here. Is my new album, in a way, a Gorillaz record? It’s not, but that sounds. . .I’ve dug myself into an enormous hole now, haven’t I? Sorry.”


Gorillaz haven’t come out with a new studio album since 2011′s The Fall.  After the solo gig, it’s definitely time to get the virtual boys back together so they can dig us all out of this hole Albarn dug us into.